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Up the River

Title: Up the River
Author: Clara Hume
ISBN: 978-1-927685-26-6
Publication date: Forthcoming
Category: Fiction
Ordering: Forthcoming

This title is postponed due to the author working on the Back to the Garden series, and may be self-published so as not to dominate the author’s press. We’ll keep it here and continue to keep you up-to-date on its progress!

Lily Collins is a socially backward college student and a lover of forests and rivers. What happens when an oil spill and a handsome young man threaten her family’s mountain home?

Inspired by the author’s early memories of her grandparents, who lived on a mountain in the Appalachians, Up the River explores an older generation of mountain folks dealing with a destructive oil spill. Ways of life, family relationships, and even a romance are challenged by the highly disruptive spill, which could potentially ruin generations-old homesteads in the eastern Kentucky hills.

The cover’s background art is licensed by Can Stock Photo and is © by Elena Ray.