The Lottery Winner

Category: Fiction
Author: John Sands
ISBN: 978-0-9813924-2-4
Publication date: October 9, 2011
Out of print, January 2016

A man who is set in his ways and well prepared for his upcoming retirement experiences an unexpected change in life when he wins a huge lottery. Rather than basking in enjoyment of the windfall, he turns inward and doesn’t tell a soul, not even his wife. During the six months he has to redeem the ticket, a series of events challenge him to reconsider the deeper purposes of his life and the source of true riches.

John Sands, an Indiana resident and first-time author, shares the soul of Middle America with a ponderous yet subtly humorous style. With quiet wisdom he connects spiritual growth to the trials of humankind. His discernment of the human spirit and family relations generates a voice that is both poignant and restorative.

John Sands wrote The Lottery Winner over a period of four years. This is his first novel. Its publication date was October 9, 2011.

Cover photo by Katherine Oliver, and cover design by Laura Sands