Texting Poems to Darwin's Ghost, Titles

Texting Poems to Darwin’s Ghost

Category: Poetry (e-book)darwinsghostcover-200
Author: Peter Magliocco
ISBN: 978-0-9877813-3-8
Ordering: Amazon Kindle version ($0.99 USD)
Publication date: June 28, 2012

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Springing from the uncharted archipelago of an evolving artistic realm, these poems examine humanity’s relationship with nature as we seek to save the world’s natural environment from war, plunder, and other disasters — man-made or otherwise. Thus it’s fitting that the author regards the seminal explorer of the origin of all species, Charles Darwin, in a poetic light via messages signifying a new nexus of human evolution. Here exists a still evolving consciousness of perception toward nature and how the role we play in it will take center stage. The result is a textual collection of poetry revealing serious or humorous takes on life and love as earth’s creatures strive for footing in a creation given to chaotic upheaval and change.

Peter will be donating all his royalties to Eco-Libris: Plant a tree for every book you read.