The Suicide Season

The Suicide Season

Title: The Suicide Season
Author: Jeremy Gadd
Category: Fiction
Publication Date: February 10, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-927685-13-6
Ordering:  Print: 12.95 USD; Kindle E-book: 5.99 USD

The title The Suicide Season reflects the phrase applied to Australia’s Northern Territory during its oppressively humid build-up to the annual monsoonal wet season.

The Suicide Season is a contemporary adventure with a romantic thread and an exotic background. An Australian road story and tree-change, the novel takes place during a worldwide stock market crash. Demoralized Warren Yeats suffers a mid-life crisis after losing his business and wife.

Yeats, an inner-city resident who thinks a bush walk is something you do on a concrete path through botanical gardens, envisions a holiday roughing it in the Outback, which he turns into reality. Amidst a comedy of errors and everything going wrong, in desperation to earn a few bucks, he unknowingly gets  wrapped up in an illegal poaching operation. A remarkable woman, new friends, the wild beauty of the Outback, and his own strength pave the way for redemption.

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