Submission Guidelines

Submissions are closed.

These guidelines are for both e-book and paper book authors. Moon Willow Press publishes fiction, non-fiction, and prose. First-time authors are accepted.


  • Eco-fiction
  • Fantasy, science-fiction, and other speculative fiction
  • Eco-weird fiction
  • Climate change novels
  • Literary fiction
  • Folkore/legendary
  • Romance
  • Mythology


  • Conservation and preservation
  • Renewable and healthy energy
  • Land, water, and air pollution and restoration
  • Natural resource depletion
  • Changing agricultural dynamics
  • Effects of climate variations
  • Genetic engineering
  • Environmental policy
  • Traditional and quantum physics
  • Academic studies in biology, chemistry, oceanography, geology, and so on
  • And more!


Eco-poetry will be considered, but it is a very low priority at the moment.


MWP publishes e-book versions of each print title. We publish e-books only on Amazon Kindle due to free download incentives. Authors receive 50% royalties, after Amazon fees, on e-books.

Manuscript Formatting and Other Guidelines

Only submissions following these guidelines will be considered.

Book Proposal

  • Initial letter and book description: Send a cover letter that summarizes the book, a table of contents, and at least one sample chapter to Moon Willow Press by e-mail.
  • Market summary: What other books are on the market that are level with your book? How do you feel your book will fare in that market? What avenues do you have for marketing and advertising your book? Because we are a very small press, we do low print runs or print-on-demand, using Ingram’s distribution. While the press does some marketing, the author must be active in promoting his or her book.
  • Curriculum vitae: Please supply a recent résumé stating your relevant experience and background as it pertains to your book. List any other previous publications.
  • Responses: Please allow up to three weeks for an initial reply.
  • Follow-up after initial interest: If Moon Willow Press is interested in your book, we will discuss schedule, drafts, research, and any other relevant items. At that point, you should send a final draft or more sample chapters.

Final Manuscript Submissions

  • The book must be submitted as final, with no changes in store other than minor corrections. Changing content is something that must be done before submission. Exceptions: when the publisher accepts a submission with advice and suggestion to modify agreed-upon content.
  • The author must sign a statement saying that none of the works are stolen or plagiarized.
  • The author is responsible for submitting a clean, well-written manuscript. Moon Willow Press offers a free final proofread, but will not accept badly written manuscripts.
  • Handwritten or messy typewritten papers are not acceptable. Submit digital documents only.
  • Illustrations must be referenced properly within a manuscript, and be referenced and credited in text.
  • All research and resources must be properly cited, and scientific findings must be current and credible.
  • For accepted submissions, we will go over details such as stylesheets, illustration placement, formatting, references, indexing, and so forth.

Author Expectations

  • The author should expect to be communicative with the publisher before and after publication; likewise the publisher will remain in touch with the author about sales.
  • Positive and mutually respective behavior is expected.
  • North American authors are preferred due to shipping costs and Ingram distribution.
  • Authors should be active in social media and book promotion.
  • Author should acknowledge that this is a very small niche press that publishes only 1-2 titles per year, starting in 2016.

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