Great Bear Rainforest Project – The Enchanted Rainforest

Callout for Submissions

evergreenlogo-200Send submissions to us at Moon Willow Press. All submitters must fill out and sign the permissions form.

Our research into BC’s rainforest inspired a special project, The Enchanted Rainforest (978-1-927685-10-5), to culminate in 2017 or 2018. This collaboration will celebrate British Columbia’s temperate rainforest with a video/school project, printed book, and e-book. The Enchanted Rainforest will include information from our Great Bear Rainforest Series as well as contributor quotes and stories.

We have traveled to the west coast of Vancouver Island, Roberts Creek, Bella Coola, and Tweedsmuir Provincial Park to visit old growth forests, raft on the Atnarko River, and view grizzlies and other wildlife. We are experiencing and filming the area, and are working with collaborators who have stories and photos of the rainforest. This book has been in the making since November 2009 when I watched an eye-opening oil sands presentation by Ian McAllister and Andrew Nikiforuk at Burnaby’s Shadbolt Centre. The first article I wrote was an in-depth look at oil sands mining and extraction in Canada’s Boreal forest–this article led to many more research bits that I’ve added in the aforementioned and ongoing Great Bear Rainforest series. A short film, which will parallel my video-journalism studies, will complement the book.

You are invited to become a contributor! Together we will inspire people to care more about preserving the “lungs of the earth,” the largest, intact temperate rainforest on our planet. Moon Willow Press describes this ancient realm:

Marked by lots of rainfall, misty horizons, glacier-fed rivers and inland lakes, moss-laden forest floors, mature trees, fjords, and great biodiversity, the forest could be described as sacred. The area boasts some of the oldest and most mature trees on the planet, including Sitka spruce, Douglas fir, red cedar, and western hemlock. The fir and spruce can reach up to 300 feet tall. The western red cedar can grow 19 feet in diameter. Myriad species interact in this region–which combines freshwater, terrestrial, estuarine, and marine geography–including salmon, marine-diet wolves, black and grizzly bears, eagles, orcas, sitka deer, marbled murrelets, foxes…

The project will also educate people about how the Northern Gateway, other pipeline projects, logging, and mining threaten this most beautiful and critical habitat that features rare and/or endangered species.

What Moon Willow Press is accepting from volunteers:

  • Photos
  • Poetry
  • Quotes (from people who have visited the area)
  • Testimonials: Do you live in the area, or have you visited it? We are looking for true, funny, thoughtful, and inspirational experiences you have had.

All organizations and individuals helping to bring this project to completion will be credited in the book and video, with 15% book sales royalties being donated to a non-profit working toward rainforest conservation. Interested non-profits may send letters of interest to Moon Willow Press. All accepted contributors will receive a free copy of the book.


The following people have already offered to help in some way, and I appreciate their support!

  • Cece Chapman: Artist working in film, writing, and mixed-media
  • Jennifer Harrington: Toronto-based illustrator, writer, and graphic designer (illustrator of A Moose in a Maple Tree and author of the new children’s book titled Spirit Bear) from Eco Books 4 Kids
  • John Atcheson, writer at Grist, Common Dreams, and Think Progress and author of A Being Darkly Wise.
  • Jens Wieting, Forest and Climate Campaigner, Sierra Club BC
  • Mary Scriver (Prairie Mary), Manitoba