Moon Willow Press publishes several print and e-book titles each year but also runs online projects that contribute to our mission of celebrating the written word while helping to educate on the environment:

  • Ecologically oriented writers workshop, library, and resources for authors in a changing world: is a place for writing and reading meaningful stories about our natural world, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and prose. This project combines other sites, including, to provide an online storytelling portal, which writers, academics, publishers, and readers may freely use as reference or as a way to share eco-writings. Our motto is “blowing your mind with wild words and worlds.”
  • This project, ongoing as of August 2013, raises awareness of the impact and diversity in storytelling that explores climate change and related ecological themes.
  • Tree-planting: We like to offset printing costs when we can. Watch this page for our tree-planting tally. We are currently building a memorial forest in honor of Gerald Keith Sands, who passed away in 2009.