The Mysterious Frog

The Mysterious Frog

Category: Fiction
Authors: Lucas Christopoulos and Kirby Record
Publication date: November 2014
Amazon e-book: $5.99 USD / printed title (4-colors, 6×9): $20.95 USD
ISBN: 978-1-927685-08-2
Pages: 106 pp.

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mfcover-newBlending essay, fable, fiction and poems, The Mysterious Frog boldly addresses the greatest evils of our time and the source of evil for all times. Quite different from anything previously written, its blurring of genre lines and narrative voices are postmodern in approach, but its message is classical. Lyrical, philosophical, historical and fanciful all at once, it is a call for action, and an admonition to those people and forces that are threatening our planet with extinction. It is also filled with humor and hope for the potential goodness still residing in the collective hearts of humankind. The advice in the poem that closes the book is simple: “Find what you bring to this mountain within/echoes of autumn, echoes of Self.” That is to say, the solution lies within you.

Book illustration credits: Cover background image licensed by Can Stock Photo, Inc., © JM Creation; cover frog image licensed by Can Stock Photo, Inc., © Alptraum; book illustrations © Lucas Christopoulos and Kirby Record. The kingfisher and butterfly photos are © and used with the permissions of Junko Kamada. The frog photo in the book is © and used with permissions by Ray Hamilton.

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