Moon Willow Press Closure

Since our partnership with Stormbird Press was announced last fall, many of our older titles have been, or are in the process of being, acquired by Stormbird. Moon Willow Press permanently closed submissions in 2018 while increasing our work in the outreach project–an exploration of world eco-fiction–which is a huge and ongoing news and reference site.

The decision to close MWP is official and will happen in 2022, when our current author contracts end. It’s been a wonderful ten years so far! During this closure, we’ve also opened up Dragonfly Publishing. Dragonfly is a self-publishing and blogging site from the founder of Moon Willow, Mary Woodbury (pen: Clara Hume). To help transition, our Twitter account has changed to @Dragonfly_Pub, and the Facebook name has changed as well. When we’re ready to move this website, it will be announced and the new site will be (already in operation). This transition will happen slowly but surely in the future.

In the meantime, we’re still promoting Moon Willow Press authors through Amazon deals and other marketing outlets. We recently had a book reading in Port Coquitlam as well, and will continue with our summer reading program and tree-planting donations until the doors close for good.

I wanted to personally thank all the wonderful authors for contributing interesting, thought-provoking, insightful, and entertaining novels, poetry chapbooks, and nonfiction books throughout the years. Our goal has always been to provide creative stories about our planet, and this will continue with Dragonfly Publishing and through our eco-fiction project.

-Mary Woodbury