Moon Willow Partners with Stormbird Press

I am thrilled to announce that Moon Willow Press (MWP) is partnering with Stormbird Press, a new independent Australian publisher of quality literary fiction, commercial fiction, and nonfiction with an environmental theme (eco-literature). Stormbird Press is an imprint of Wild Migration, Ltd., which has worked for years to build the participation capacity of wildlife scientists, wildlife policy experts and civil society, from around the world, to secure international wildlife conservation.

Moon Willow Press will be transitioning many titles to Stormbird in the coming years, starting in the spring of 2019. I have already had the wonderful opportunity to work with some members of Stormbird’s team, such as Donna Mulvenna, Margi Prideaux, and Jessica Groenendijk. Stormbird’s commitment and dedication to wildlife preservation and conservation–and concerns about the ecologically destructive path we’re on–are reflected in the important subject matter and editorial integrity found at Stormbird. To be able to transition Moon Willow’s titles to a bigger team of people who share my editorial mission and goals benefits Moon Willow’s authors tremendously.  Stormbird’s compensation to MWP for the acquisition of titles will be donated to Trees, Water & People, where, for years, I have been donating a portion of book sales to the planting of native trees in ecologically and economically depressed areas.

This partnership marks the beginning of the eventual end to Moon Willow Press, but that is still a few years away. MWP’s current author contracts will be honored until the end of their time (2022) or Stormbird’s acquisition, whichever comes first. I am very committed to continuing to work with Moon Willow Press’s authors on book promotions, book readings, and book launches.

Further, Stormbird Press team members will have editorial access to the eco-literature project sites and, which together provide an online storytelling portal for writers, academics, publishers, and readers. Our motto is “blowing your mind with wild words and worlds.”

Another project, Dragonfly Publishing, will continue with Moon Willow Press’s owner’s novels, and will be publishing the revision of Back to the Garden and launching the Wild Mountain series this October.