Mark Spitzer

Mark is the author of twenty books, an associate professor of creative writing at the University of Central Arkansas, and the Editor in Chief of the award-winning literary journal Toad Suck Review ( He is a leading authority on the primitive fish known as gar (he can be seen featured on reruns of the “Alligator Gar” episode of the Animal Planet series River Monsters).

Books include: Season of the Gar (creative nonfiction, University of Arkansas Press), Writer in Residence (memoir, University of New Orleans Press), After the Orange Glow (memoir, Monkey Puzzle Press), Monstropocalypse Opus IV (horror/fantasy novel, Twilight Times Books), Chum, novel (Zoland Books), After the Octopus (memoir, The Black Mountain Press), Sick in the Head (memoir, S A M Publishing), Bottom Feeder (novel, Creative Arts), Crypto-Arkansas (poetry, Spuyten Duyvil), Riding the Unit (creative nonfiction, Six Gallery Press), Age of the Demon Tools (poetry, Ahadada Books), The Pigs Drink from Infinity (poetry, Spuyten Duyvil), Proze Attack (creative nonfiction, Six Gallery Press), CHODE! (novel, Six Gallery Press), From Absinthe to Abyssinia (Rimbaud translations, Creative Arts), The Collected Poems of Georges Bataille (Dufour Editions), Divine Filth, Bataille translations (Creation Books), The Church (Céline translation, Green Integer), The Genet Translations: Poetry and Posthumous Plays (Polemic Press), and Films without Images (Cendrars translation, Green Integer). Forthcoming books include Beautifully Grotesque Fish of the American West (creative nonfiction, University of Nebraska Press) and Return of the Gar (creative nonfiction, University of North Texas Press).