Happy Earth Day!

Every year we do something special for Earth Day, but the nature of our press is that we take special interest in our planet every day of the year through tree-planting, using sustainably managed paper, and focusing on books with environmental themes. This year we have a few announcements on this special day:

  • Donelle Dreese’s Cave Walker, a brilliant mystery with a strong eco-slant, is available on Earth Day for ordering. See the title page for more information. I have loved working with author Donelle Dreese, a professor of environmental literature and writing at Northern Kentucky University. Her writing is described by the Midwest Book Review: “Perhaps its greatest force is its lyrical language, which deftly captures Gillian’s ability to confront change, sorrow, and a journey in which I had not arrived in time to save anyone.'”
  • MWP’s owner, Mary Woodbury, will be participating in the “Earth Day Panel – Climate Change and Storytelling“. Please join local author Claudia Casper, ecofiction expert Mary Woodbury and climate solutions educator Deborah Harford in celebrating Earth Day! In this session, Earth Day panelists will discuss┬áCasper’s compelling novel The Mercy Journals, Clara Hume’s Back to the Garden, current issues around climate change, and the role of storytelling in making a difference and shaping the future. Note: We are so excited to be reunited with Casper again, who read at our Eco-fiction stage last fall at the big Word Vancouver Literary Festival. Her novel recently won the Philip K. Dick Award for Science Fiction.
  • Before the Earth Day Panel, we’ll also be participating in the Vancouver March for Science, a satellite march (the main one to be in Washington DC). The March for Science is the first step of a global movement to defend the vital role science plays in our health, safety, economies, and governments.