Earthwalk Authors

The following poets contributed to the poetry collection Earthwalk: A Poetic Walk among Forests and Shorelines:

Tyee Bridge writes about ecological issues, religion, and myth. Born in the Canadian Gulf Islands, he grew up in nearby Washington state and moved back to BC in 2001.  A recent essay on mythic stories, “The Things Ink May Do,” has been chosen for inclusion in the 2010 edition of The Best Canadian Essays. He is currently at work on a non-fiction book about the end of the world. Tyee is also Communications Director at Fraser Riverkeeper.

Elaine Woo facilitates creative writing classes for Megaphone Magazine.  She was a co-organizer with Mary Woodbury of 100 Thousand Poets for Change’s 2012 participation in Stanley Park’s Poetic Walk through Nature—among Forests and Shorelines.

Jordan Abel is a First Nations writer whose work has been published in Grain, CV2 and Canadian Literature. He is a contributing editor for Geist and a former editor for PRISM international. His first book collection of poetry is forthcoming from Talonbooks. Visit him at

Alex Leslie’s collection of stories People Who Disappear was published this year by Freehand. Her chapbook of microfictions 20 Objects for the New World was published in 2011 by Nomados. She edited the queer issue of Poetry Is Dead and has published in many journals.

Stephen Collis is the author of four books of poetry, the most recent of which, On the Material (Talon Books 2010), was the recipient of the 2011 Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize. Recently published is a collection of essays on the Occupy movement, Dispatches from the Occupation (Talon Books 2012). Also look forward to the next installment of “The Barricades Project,” his poetic exploration of social revolution: To the Barricades (Talon Books 2013). Stephen teaches poetry and poetics at Simon Fraser University.

Elena Johnson has been a finalist for the CBC Literary Awards and the Alfred G. Bailey Prize for poetry. Her work can be found in literary journals across Canada. She has worked as field ecologist and park naturalist and was once writer in residence at a remote Yukon research station. She moved to Vancouver from New Brunswick five years ago and is still getting to know the names of west coast plants and birds.

A poet, freelance editor and workshop leader, Bernice Lever enjoys Bowen Island life. Her 10th poetry book is “Imagining Lives”, Black Moss Press, 2012. She edited WAVES magazine, 1972-1987. Bernice’s travels led her to read poems on 5 continents. Her grammar & composition CD is “The Colour of Words”.  Active in many writing organizations, she is delighted to hear and help other writers.  Bernice gets “high” on words.