California Poems

Category: Prose Author: Carolyn Welch ISBN: 978-1-927685-06-8 Ordering: Buy Kindle e-book at Amazon, $4.99 Carolyn Welch, a native Californian, has written over a decade of poems that observe her local surf, mountains, desert, and people. A technical writer, Carolyn dabbles on the side with creativity that needs an outlet, inspired

The Entropy Heresy

Danielle Gasket’s fledgling skills in tracking and stealth are pitted against the machines and guns of the crypt nation. Sequel to The Philodendrist Heresy

Earthwalk: A Poetic Walk among Forests and Shorelines

A compilation of poems read while Vancouver poets and members of the community took part in an Earthwalk at Stanley Park.

The Philodendrist Heresy

Jed Brody wrote The Philodendrist Heresy as a call for the preservation and resurrection of the great forests of the earth.

Smoke Ghosts & Other Outré Tales

In this collection of dark but humorous short stories, Anthony Wright weaves his past travels in several continents.

The Sacred River of Consciousness

Eco-poetry collection by Tom Hibbard.

Infernal Drums

Infernal Drums might just be the last of the great drifter novels.

The Lottery Winner

A man who is set in his ways and well prepared for his upcoming retirement experiences an unexpected change in life when he wins a huge lottery.

The Little Big Town

Follow young Julie Paris’s journey from her home in Chicago to a small northern Wisconsin town on the banks of the Wolf River. Julie feels left out of an impoverished but soulful community, and, feeling vulnerable and alone, turns to the great outdoors for adventure. Here she learns about the Menominee history of the area and lets her imagination run wild. It isn’t long before the cold November snow — and an unforeseen friend — fall into her life.

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