Book Contracts

Submissions are closed.

The following book contract information is subject to change at any time. Many contractual elements stated here are negotiable between the author and publisher. Specific publisher-author contracts will be drawn up privately.

Copyright and Exclusive Rights

The author may retain copyright of his or her book, but Moon Willow Press (MWP) is assigned exclusive worldwide book publishing rights, including derivative works.

Author Communication

The author is expected to communicate to the publisher throughout the time the book is contracted, including immediate updated contact information for royalty checks to be sent to.

Book/Contract Term Lengths

As of January 2017 we introduce shorter contract terms. Contract terms will last two-five years, subject to renewal if sales are strong.

Author Royalties

Royalty percentages will be dependent on a number of factors, including third-party seller/distribution fees, book marketability, sales, and printing costs. Royalty agreements will be negotiable and remain private between  MWP and the author.  MWP generally does not offer advanced payments, due to the nature of the micropress. Royalty payments must minimally be $20.00 before payment is sent.

Author Warranty and Responsibility

The author must sign a statement that he or she has not plagiarized or sold the works to another publisher or distributor. The author must submit the manuscript in terms of the publisher’s guidelines, including correct layout and format.

The publisher may contract to work separately with the author in editorial and proofreading services, but the author is responsible for submitting a professionally written manuscript. Moon Willow Press has free proofreading for acceptable books.

Any financial agreements between authors and artists remain separate contracts. MWP will license artwork for the cover as well as design the cover.

Non-Compete Clause

The author will agree to not write and sell a similar work that would compete in market for the work being submitted to MWP.

Book Schedule

MWP and the author will decide the scope of the book’s publication together, with consideration of personal schedules.

Publication Delay

MWP may end a contract prior to publication if the author does not present works as defined in the guidelines or as fit for publication.

Book Marketing

The author holds responsibility for researching the marketability of his or her book and helping to advertise it upon publication. The author should plan to actively use social media and other avenues to be consistent with advertisement of his or her books, such as the Amazon author page, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, and participating in blogs/forums. Authors should be open to doing local readings and book-signings.

Moon Willow Press will also submit press releases, create a MWP author page and title page, advertise the book in social media, and work with book-signing venues to have enough books on-hand for readings/signings.

MWP holds no guarantee for the book’s sales.

Moon Willow Press will acquire EAN barcodes to be printed on commercially printed books and provide the market suggested retail price (MSRP) on the book’s title page. Note that for small projects such as home-made books, EAN barcodes will not be provided.

Book Printing and Distribution

MWP will be responsible for book printing and distribution. See our environmental policy about types of paper we print on. MWP prints on-demand or in short-run print cycles unless there is more demand for the book. MWP will pay for all printing; shipping costs are incurred through the customer. MWP will work with the author to decide the initial print-run number. Note that we do offer retail sellers customer discounts but do not allow for returnable books.

MWP will handle sales and distribution via the press’s website and other outlets, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. As of 2013, books are printed via Ingram’s PoD service and are included in Ingram’s catalog. Books will be distributed via Ingram globally. The printer is in the United States.

Editorial Services

Moon Willow Press offers free editorial help to accepted submissions but also has separate editorial services for books and documents not being published by MWP.

Author Copies

For commercially printed books, the author will receive 10 free copies of his or her book after printing. A limited number of free review copies are available upon request. For smaller print-runs, such as novellas and poetry chapbooks, the author will receive one copy of the book.