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Submissions On Hold

In the summer of 2017, I announced first to authors, and later to the general public, that I was closing submissions due to time limitations. This does not mean I’m closing the press. I have found time now to put together some background thoughts about this move–which, like all decisions

Summer Reading Program – 2017

Welcome to our summer reading program, a series we do each year to encourage people to read our books and participate in tree-planting. We are working with Waters, Trees, People to plant another Memorial Forest donation from summer sales in 2017. The program goes from June 1 – September 8.

Announcing the New Back to the Garden Series

Moon Willow Press is happy to announce that Back to the Garden, a story written and told by me, under pen name Clara Hume, will be returning next year as a revised edition. This novel is being slightly edited as I have decided to launch Back to the Garden as

Happy Earth Day!

Every year we do something special for Earth Day, but the nature of our press is that we take special interest in our planet every day of the year through tree-planting, using sustainably managed paper, and focusing on books with environmental themes. This year we have a few announcements on

A Statement of Solidarity

In a new political era, Moon Willow Press stands in solidarity with those who promote many central, crucial elements of democracy, including civil rights and liberties for all and the integrity of empirical science. We took part in the Woman’s March on Washington DC, January 21, 2017, and plan to

Book Contracts

Updated January 27, 2017 The following book contract information is subject to change at any time. Many contractual elements stated here are negotiable between the author and publisher. Specific publisher-author contracts will be drawn up privately. Copyright and Exclusive Rights The author may retain copyright of his or her book,

Trees Planted

Tally: 1,587 trees planted Moon Willow Press likes to balance out book-making resources with donations to reforestation programs around the world. Note that donating to the good work that organizations do in the wild does not infer organizational endorsement from that party. It takes a while for trees to be

Submission Guidelines

Submissions are closed. These guidelines are for both e-book and paper book authors. Moon Willow Press publishes fiction, non-fiction, and prose. First-time authors are accepted. Fiction Eco-fiction Fantasy, science-fiction, and other speculative fiction Eco-weird fiction Climate change novels Literary fiction Folkore/legendary Romance Mythology Non-Fiction Conservation and preservation Renewable and healthy

Annis Pratt

Annis Pratt’s novels are full of passion for the natural world and enthusiasm for the details of everyday life. Her invented worlds are more realistic than fantastic, her fiction speculative about ways to live in harmony with each other and with our planet. Please see our previous interview with Annis,

Donelle Dreese

Eco-fiction mystery author Donelle Dreese

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