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Moon Willow Press is an independent niche publisher committed to helping sustain forests while celebrating the written word.

We supplement book publishing with a project exploring climate change and nature themes found in literature at Eco-fiction.com. In 2016 we expanded this site with a new initiative, “Blowing Your Mind with Wild Words and Worlds,” which features ongoing interviews, database-building, discovery of old and forgotten eco-themed books, a monthly author spotlight, and more. This project is voluntarily run, aimed to raise awareness of nature fiction. In early 2018, we launched an outreach project affiliated with Eco-fiction.com: An ecologically oriented writers workshop, library, and resources for authors in a changing world, Dragonfly.eco is a place for writing and reading meaningful stories about our natural world, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and prose. Isn’t the .eco domain pretty cool? It was thought up by a couple of guys sitting around one day at a pub in Vancouver, BC.

Moon Willow Press opened in 2009, launched the website in 2010, and began publishing print titles in 2011. Located in Coquitlam, British Columbia, we publish fiction, non-fiction, and prose that explore science, nature, and culture. First-time authors are given consideration, but please be sure to read the submission guidelines and sample book contract. We also run the Ecology in Literature and the Arts groups in Google+ and Facebook. Note that in the past we have published 4-5 titles per year, but beginning in 2016 we stepped up our Eco-fiction project and reduced our titles to 1-2 a year. Currently submissions are on hold until 2020.

MWP began its tree-planting effort by donating a percentage of sales to Eco-Libris. Eco-Libris worked with world tree-planting partners in Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Malawi, and other areas that suffer from deforestation. The program provided a valued source of economic and ecological aid to these areas. When Eco-Libris stopped its planting program, MWP began to donate to Trees, Water, People. We have also signed the Book Treatise on Environmentally Responsible Publishing and choose printers that use recycled and forest-certified fibers. Read more about our environmental ethic.

Mary Woodbury is the owner of Moon Willow Press, a sole proprietorship business, license 84985 9467 RT 0001. MWP is registered with Library and Archives Canada’s (LAC) Canadian ISBN Service System (CISS) and archives its publications with LAC’s catalogue.

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