A Statement of Solidarity

In a new political era, Moon Willow Press stands in solidarity with those who promote many central, crucial elements of democracy, including civil rights and liberties for all and the integrity of empirical science. We took part in the Woman’s March on Washington DC, January 21, 2017, and plan to participate in the March for Science as well. The following statements of solidarity are made by the publisher, but may or may not be agreed with by individual authors whose books we publish.

To clarify, we believe:

  • That climate change is real and is driven by humans.
  • That environmental regulations, preservation, conservation, and restoration are important to the well-being of all species of our planet, including humans.
  • In the importance of tolerance of different religions and faiths, but separation of church and state.
  • That the value of human life is being threatened by those who eschew climate change and environmental health and civil liberties, which detrimentally affects the physical and emotional health, livelihood, and life of all beings on the planet. Without clean soil, water, and air; a healthy ecosystem; and civil rights and freedoms, humans are already suffering and will continue to do so. To us, pro-life means taking the above into consideration rather than trying to own women’s bodies and personal decisions.
  • That equal rights matter in all areas, without discrimination, including rights in the work place, housing, civil unions and marriages, and every other area–these rights happen regardless of sexual orientation, gender, skin color, age, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, disability, and immigration status.
  • That love, kindness, patience, tolerance, non-violence, peace, and fairness helps the world become a healthier place for all citizens.