Important Notice: Moon Willow Press closes in August 2022. Please visit Dragonfly Publishing to follow the new imprint, which will continue to carry a few books from this site.

Moon Willow Press is an independent niche publisher committed to helping sustain forests while celebrating the written word. Moon Willow Press opened in 2009, launched the website in 2010, and began publishing print titles in 2011. Note that Moon Willow Press is no longer accepting submissions and will be closing in 2022. Many of our older titles are being sought by Stormbird Press, a new partner and small publisher with a similar mission, from Australia. We also recently opened a new imprint, Dragonfly Publishing, which publishes the works of Clara Hume and possibly a few environmental-themed contests and anthologies in the future.

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MWP has a strong environmental ethic and began its tree-planting effort by donating a percentage of sales to Eco-Libris. Eco-Libris worked with world tree-planting partners in Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Malawi, and other areas that suffer from deforestation. The program provided a valued source of economic and ecological aid to these areas. When Eco-Libris stopped its planting program, MWP began to donate to Trees, Water, People. We have also signed the Book Treatise on Environmentally Responsible Publishing and choose printers that use recycled and forest-certified fibers. Our outreach projects will continue after the press closes and are oriented toward what is known as ecofiction and other literary-nature trails.

Mary Woodbury is the founder of Moon Willow Press, a sole proprietorship business. MWP and Dragonfly Publishing are registered with Library and Archives Canada’s (LAC) Canadian ISBN Service System (CISS) and archive their publications with LAC’s catalogue.

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Moon Willow Press has now planted 1,691 trees to help balance out book-making. In 2019 our donations to Trees, Water & People aided in the planting of 104 trees in honor of Gerald K. Sands. Since that year we have donated to Ecology Action Centre in Nova Scotia as well as proceeds of Winds of Change to 350.org.

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