Titles, To the Waters and the Wild

To the Waters and the Wild

Wild Mountain Series Part II

Title:To the Waters and the Wild
Author: Clara Hume
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-927685-29-7
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To the Waters and the Wild takes place two and a half decades after the previous novel and begins at Back to the Garden‘s Wild Mountain in Idaho. Told from the perspective of Alejandro Callahan, the son of Fran and Leo, the same character who wrote the prologue for Back to the Garden, we learn about the continued story of our beloved characters: Elena and Daniel, Fran and Leo, Maisie and Caine, Mei, Buddha, and more.

Much has changed since we visited the mountain folks. Along with a warming world, which has made Wild Mountain in Idaho nearly uninhabitable, we follow the same characters’ journey to the northwest coast of British Columbia as they search for a milder climate in which to live. Yet there are new additions, now young adults–Fran’s son Alejandro, Elena’s daughter Kristy, and others. From a younger set of eyes, those who don’t remember the world before the post-collapse tipping point like their parents had, we are ushered into a wilder world even still, and into a period of rewilding as well as human waste and pollution still affecting the planet. Myth is born, and there are nods to the physical poetry of Yeats, whose “The Stolen Child” inspired Part II.

Though life is still harsh and unforgiving compared to today’s convenience, it is broken by the excitement of establishing a new homestead in a cooler environment as well as the strengthening bonds of the characters. If Back to the Garden was the account of climate speculation or even new mythology, To the Waters and the Wild reveals a deepening story that explores early mythology and the arts in communities close to nature.

But everything is not that simple. The novel also exposes news about the rest of the world, as populations are rising again enough to rebuild information sharing systems. In this new world grows a strange cult of people who have begun to establish an army of religious extremists.

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