The Sacred River of Consciousness

Category: Poetry
Author: Tom Hibbard

Note that this book is out of print due to the press closing in 2022.

Eco-poetry collection by Tom Hibbard: a desperate last-ditch defense of our environment against the attack of right-wing big box commercialism on a fundamental level.

An unrelenting core sample of a world bent on its own destruction. Intensely moral and idealistic, Hibbard’s The Sacred River of Consciousness is political and pragmatic, beautiful and ultimately encouraging. Hope surfaces from the wreckage.

-Michael Rothenberg, poet and author

Reboot movies and reload politicians and the land of the overdog — all this money and nothing to spend it on, really? Really. At a time when smart poets hide themselves under a borrowed shine, Tom Hibbard’s poems are an obvious, emergent flow. Flux of useful blood, necessary silt.

-Buck Downs, American poet

Empire so often comes to this: “potholes imitating frozen potholes.” The poems in Tom Hibbard’s The Sacred River of Consciousness reflect on various crimes of humanity by simply reporting them. That Hibbard’s language is poetic rather than journalistic does not mask the realities being referenced — how at times life does unfold “as though civilization were garbage.” The suffering disenfranchised, the suffering environment, the corrupted governments, the dysfunctional relationships — how did compassion evaporate? That question is but one of many begot by these poems. For the poems also ask “at what time does the candle make crimes unredeemable.” The answer could be: upon the lighting of the candle or consciousness of those events, hence the import of Hibbard’s poems. If these poems facilitate that consciousness where the New York Times et al has failed, the river may yet turn sacred again. For the sake of the planet, open yourself up to these poems.

-Eileen Tabios, poet and author