Smoke Ghosts & Other Outré Tales

Category: Fiction, short story collection (e-book)
Author: Anthony Wright
ISBN: 978-1-927685-07-5
Ordering: Out of print

Note: The book’s 1st and 2nd editions were published by Moon Willow Press between 2011-2014.

In this collection of dark but humorous short stories, Anthony Wright weaves his past travels in Australia, South East Asia, Mexico, and Central America to create a lively pattern of outré tales, interlaced with the supernatural, in which the author’s outsider philosophy is central to the thread of existence. The second edition of this collection of 14 stories includes an updated story, “The Ghost of the Park,” a new story “Citadel of the Soul,” and other manuscript updates.

A jungle boat trip into the hallucinogenic heart of Borneo; a flash flood in Thailand; riding the seas to Krakatoa; drunken murder by a lagoon in Mexico; a strange encounter at Charlie’s Point; a doppelganger on the Nullarbor Plain. Ghosts crowd the young man’s mind—stories to travel by in the days when the world was wide. -Author Anthony Wright

Blog about Smoke Ghosts by Eco-Libris.

In an extremely imaginative and well-written collection of vignettes from travels to adventurous non-tourist destinations, Australian Anthony Wright has invoked Burroughs, Bowles, Dostoyevsky, Kerouac, and even to some degree Joyce as he searches out the sacred and profane of contemporary society.  Every bit as depraved and supernatural as Jonathan Lethem’s Fortress of Solitude, Wright’s Smoke Ghosts exposes the soft, desperate underbelly of humanity.

Tom Hibbard, author and poet