Moon Willow Press publishes several print and e-book titles each year but also runs online projects that contribute to our mission of celebrating the written word while helping to educate on the environment:

  • Green Reads Excerpts: Our newest project, now a subsite of, freely showcases environmental novels, poetry, and nonfiction excerpts. We collaborate with publishers and authors world-wide.
  • This project rose out of a mini-project at Ecologue, where we began cataloging climate change novels. Now the whole thing has its own domain and a database of hundreds of books.
  • Tree-planting: We like to offset printing costs when we can. Watch this page for our tree-planting tally. We are currently building a memorial forest in honor of Gerald Keith Sands, who passed away in 2009.
  • Summer Reading: Each summer, from June 1 – September 8, Moon Willow Press has a reading program to promote literacy in a fun and rewarding way. Our reading programs have including tree-planting goals, discounts, free Kindle downloads, contests, and other incentives.
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