The Entropy Heresy

The Entropy Heresy

 Title: The Entropy Heresy (sequel to The Philodendrist Heresy)
Category: Science fiction
Author: Jed Brody
ISBN: 978-1-927685-01-3
Original Publication date: July 23, 2013

This novel is out of print. The Entropy Heresy is one of our first titles to be acquired by our partner Stormbird Press. Please watch their site for ordering information.

Danielle Gasket’s fledgling skills in tracking and stealth are pitted against the machines and guns of the crypt nation.

Ancient canisters of deadly substances have begun to leak, imperiling all life on the earth’s surface. Danielle must return to the crypt nation to find a fabled elixir, the technological antidote to the poisons.  Danielle descends into the underworld with Cougar, Panther, and Jaguar, the three brothers who have been teaching her how to survive in the wild.

They find that the warden has flooded the entire block where the technicians toiled over the elixir. Fortunately, the technicians left a cryptic clue that points to a new location. In the ensuring search for the elixir, the brothers capture the warden.  Cougar wants to use the warden’s weapons and machines to fortify and expand the free nation’s borders.  Panther and Jaguar, however, reject Cougar’s plans for military aggression. Sealed inside a vehicle with the warden, the three brothers debate. The argument degenerates into a physical struggle over control of the vehicle, which eventually explodes against a wall.

Though Danielle alone ascends with the elixir, she bears a message from Panther: “Our smoke does not rise to the heavens, but at least it perfumes a less odious hell.”

Review blurbs:

A year has passed since Danielle Gasket miraculously escaped the subterranean “crypt world” where she was born. But now the lushly forested paradise she found when she emerged into sunlight is in danger of radioactive contamination from ancient wastes, and Danielle must return to the nightmarish underworld in search of an elixir that can save it. The Alice in Wonderland logic and 1984 menace of crypt-world society will send an icy chill down the reader’s spine, even as the ingenuity and bravery of Danielle and her companions sends up a flare of hope.

Stephen Wing, author of Free Ralph! An Evolutionary Fable

Witty, clever, absurd, intricate, compelling…delightful. Brody has taken a fresh and engaging approach to ancient storytelling dichotomies of dark and light, below and above, soiled and pure, descension and ascension–both literally and figuratively. The Entropy Heresy is a captivating and complete story in its own right that picks up where The Philodendrist Heresy left off, on a far future Earth of Brody’s wonderful imagination.  Brody effectively blends science fiction, fantasy, philosophy, and advocacy into a work that is both fun to read and thought-provoking.

-Erik Oliver, author of Cornerstone and Grove: A Portrait in Architecture and Landscape of Emory’s Birthplace in Oxford, Georgia and author/illustrator of Kid Cavalier on a Halloween Quest. His website is

Donations: Jed Brody donates 100% of his donations from this book to Sustainable Harvest International.

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