Title: Cave Walker
Author: Donelle Dreese
ISBN: 978-1-927685-22-8
Publication date: April 22, 2017
Category: Fiction
Ordering: Amazon
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How far would you go to save the life of someone you love? Would you face your deepest fears? Would you walk into the dark belly of the bedrock Earth and rest your head on its bouldering fangs? Twenty-four year old Gillian Berry enters the haunting, narrow corridors of the Cave of Desperate Cries to save Neil Foster’s life, but discovers she must save her own.

Cave Walker tells the story of Gillian Berry, a talented breakfast chef who works at her mother’s charming B&B, the Pointed Firs Inn. After Gillian foresees the death of her love interest, Neil Foster, she nervously journeys into the Cave of Desperate Cries in the deep woods of Maine, hoping to save his life. This cave is known to be a holy place where people go for miracles, but many have entered and not returned. The caves take Gillian on an adventure as she unravels the truth behind the “ancestor syndrome” in her family and tries to heal the trauma that has been passed down through five generations of women. When Gillian returns from the caves, she reunites with her estranged father, who is now a permaculture designer and lives in an eco-village. She learns the truth about Neil Foster and her premonition of his death. Her encounters while traveling the caves allow her to finally realize who she really is, a cave walker and a healer.

The book cover concept art is licensed for use by Istock Photo and copyright by Thomas Barnes.

With the wordsmith skills of this innovative author, you have an engrossing, well-paced read that’s hard to put down, a story that evolves, pulling the reader along, engaging them in the journey.

-L.G. Cullens, moderator at writingforums.com and author of Calan’s Eden.


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