Helping to sustain forests while celebrating the written word



Moon Willow Press is a micro-publisher of eco-books and environmental literature news. We are committed to helping sustain forests while celebrating the written word. This means that we have environmental ethics and policies on using forest-certified or recycled paper, no allowance of returns, and printing on demand when possible.


As a publisher, MWP launched in 2010 and began publishing print titles in 2011. Located in Coquitlam, British Columbia, we publish fiction, non-fiction, and prose that explore nature themes; we used to publish a broader variety of books but since 2013 have been focusing on such topics as climate change, off-grid living, environmental essays, solarpunk, literary fiction, speculative fiction, science fiction, and other works with ecological themes.

First-time authors are given consideration, but please be sure to read the submission guidelines and sample book contract. Note that in the past we have published 4-5 titles per year, but beginning in 2016 are stepping up our Eco-fiction project and moving toward publishing only 1-2 titles per year.

Moon Willow Press is accepting submissions for 2018-2019. We are primarily looking for novel-length fiction and non-fiction dealing with climate change and nature writing. Poetry is a low consideration

Environmental Outreach

We supplement book publishing with a project exploring climate change and nature themes found in literature at In 2016 we expanded this site with a new initiative, “Blowing Your Mind with Wild Words and Worlds,” with ongoing interviews, database-building, discovery of old and forgotten eco-themed books, and a new subsite that allows you to read samples of green books in order to realize eco-fiction’s diversity. and its subsites are voluntarily run, aimed to raise awareness of environmental issues via literature.



Table at the Cascadia Festival on Vancouver Island, May 2, 2015

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